Infrastructure / Landscape / Master Planning

Master planning, infrastructure design and landscaping are closely interdependent. At Kling Consult we use these disciplines to give shape to developments of different scales – from small areas to whole city blocks and communities. Effective master planning starts with information gathering and strategic planning, involves thorough spatial analysis and creative thinking. Development of master plan is a very complex process that should take into consideration not only present requirements, but also future improvements and expansion as well as integration of new facilities.

At Kling Consult we combine our local and international architectural and engineering know-how to provide most creative, dynamic and highly sophisticated solutions in the sector of urban planning. Our specialists use their expertise and vast experience to fulfil developers’ requirements in creating efficiently planned urban schemes by optimizing an allocated land use and elaborating smart visions and long term complex solutions for them.

We create interlinked development compositions characterized by careful structuring of all elements, clarity of component arrangements with focus on human comfort, functionality and environmental sustainability.