Mixed Use

Blending different uses in a single development – be it one building or a city block – requires good strategic planning and deep understating of market demands of a certain community. This type of development always involves some risks as the combination of uses should be optimized to ensure future project profitability and good return on investment. Our specialist consultants provide comprehensive top-notch services starting from feasibility studies, value engineering up to the formulation of cost-effective design solutions, construction works supervision and professional project management to secure our client’s development success at every stage. Ever important is the right approach to the sustainability and potential achieving of environmental certifications by optimizing the relationship between the design, construction costs and operational and maintenance cost over a longer period of time.   

Compatibility between different types of development can be achieved by effective space planning and buildings’ orientation, as well as zoning optimization. Site design should take different peak activity times into consideration to make inhabitants’ co-existence comfortable. 

Our complex and focused approach to the project planning and execution helps us to produce responsible design in the most creative manner possible that evokes highly functional environments supporting our clients’ business models success and enhances the surrounding communities.