In industrial sector functionality and flexibility of the space, cost-effectiveness and optimal structural solution are fundamental components of the design. Although industrial buildings are considered to be one of the least complicated architectural forms our experts manage to create sophisticated buildings both from functional and aesthetic points of view.

Kling Consult structural engineers and architects have a vast expertise in designing workshops, warehouses, logistic centres and factories, main purpose of which is to serve their owners in a way optimizing business processes and initiating early returns on investments. We achieve this by producing smart concepts with long spanned structures and minimum spread of columns as a focal point of the design, which allows maximum flexibility and minimizes use of materials during construction stage.

Working on an industrial project at Kling Consult we mainly concentrate on space optimization, standardization of components, particular service integration and use of technology innovations, as well as sustainability which is becoming increasingly important. Our ultimate goal is the overall satisfaction of client’s needs combined with added values to client’s business, such as to MAN, BMW, Audi, SABIC and Al Futtaim.