The Public Buildings sector accommodates various types of buildings ranging from education, healthcare, government, various authorities, sport and cultural to diverse civic use projects.

Design of public buildings is very complex, each project has an individual design brief and has to reflect, as being dedicated to public, the social, cultural and local community needs. At the same time the design must represent state-of-the-art technologies, be highly functional and efficient with the focus on the environmental sustainability. The public buildings should set up the benchmarks for the private sector and be in the forefront. Signature type of architectural design is needed for each project.

At Kling Consult we can combine our local and international know-how of our design, engineering and project management teams to provide most creative, dynamic and high sophisticated solutions for public clients demanding over all top class services with specially dedicated and experienced teams.

More than 60 years of company experience provides our teams not only with top architectural design capabilities, but with very important optimal space planning and interior design, cost effective MEP planning and structural design as well. Another important aspects are the traffic and infrastructure planning together with creation of an attractive urban public space as combination of hard and soft landscaped areas. Successfully completed projects by Kling Consult are proving that we possess and can combine as General Planner all these know-hows in best possible manner.